Supported Drones and Devices

1. Description

Here you will find more information on all of the supported drones, devices, and sensor file formats within the Alteia platform.

2. Drones

2.1 General

Alteia supports all drones taking still pictures with RGB sensors. Images can be either georeferenced with coordinates included in the metadata or not georeferenced but accompanied by a CSV file containing the coordinates of the images.

For specialty sensors (multispectral, thermal, LiDAR) reference Alteia's current compatibility list.

2.2 Delair UX11

Delair UX11 users benefit from seamless integration with Alteia. It is possible to upload the raw dataset from the UX11 drone straight to Alteia.

For more specific information on supported sensors for photogrammetry, see Supported Sensors for Photogrammetry.

3. Sensors

3.1 Supported Multispectral Sensors

Alteia currently supports the following multispectral sensors:

  • Micasense Dual Camera System
  • Micasense Rededge-MX
  • Micasense Rededge-Mini
  • Micasense Rededge 3
  • Micasense Altum
  • Airinov multiSPEC 4C
  • Airinov PRI
  • Parrot Sequoia
  • Parrot Sequoia+
  • DJI P4 Multispectral
  • Sentera Double 4K

IMPORTANT: DLS is not supported

For more specific information on supported sensors for photogrammetry, see Supported Sensors for Photogrammetry‍.

3.2 Supported Thermal Sensors

Alteia currently supports the following Long-Wave Infra-Red (LWIR) Thermal Sensors series*:

  • FLIR Tau 2
  • FLIR Vue Pro
  • FLIR Vue Pro R
  • Fully integrated

3.3 LiDAR & Laser Scanners

Alteia supports .las Point Clouds to standards 1.2 & 1.4, obtained from airborne LiDARs or ground-based laser scanners raw data.

4. Hyperspectral Data

Hyperspectral (ENVI Format) datasets are supported.

5. Handheld & Ground Sensors

Alteia platform also supports RGB georeferenced datasets obtained from land-based and handheld devices, such as DSLR cameras or smartphones. Adding a single or several pictures from the ground to an existing aerial project (in its annotations) is also possible as a fieldwork reporting task.

6. Want to integrate your Sensor in Alteia?

If you are not already an Alteia users, please Contact Support‍.

F‍or current Alteia users, please contact your Sales Representative at Alteia.