Flowering Characterization

This analytic automatically calculates the percentage of flowering vs. no-flowering — currently suitable for crops with yellow flowers only such as canola and sunflower.

1. Inputs and parameters

Flowering Characterization for field experiment:

  • RGB Orthomosaic *
  • Microplots*

Flowering Characterization for production field :


  • There is only one analytics for both field experiment and production field. If the analytics receives a microplots, then the platform considers that the site is a field experiment. On the other hand, if it receives a field boundaries, it will consider that the site is production field.
  • The analytic can be used when the flowering is starting, up to end of flowering

2. Deliverables

Flowering Characterization for field experiment :

  • Flowering %.gejson
  • Flowering mask.tif

Flowering Characterization for production field:

  • Flowering %.gejson
  • Flowering mask.tif

3. Attributes

Flowering % Geojson output for field experiment :

  • Some attributes from the input vector file (parent_id, block_plot_id,… if the vector‍ is from Alteia)
  • fi_ratio : Flowering ratio per microplot in %

Flowering % Geojson output for production field :

  • id : Id of the grid cell
  • id_x : column number
  • id_y : row number
  • fi_ratio : Flowering ratio per microplot in %

4. Display

Open the Inventory, then Flowering characterization subgroups of layers belonging to SURVEY DATA section on left panel. Flowering % per microplot is displayed under Flowering % layer, click it to open its information panel on right side to read value chart :

Flowering mask is under the same layer subgroup ; Value at point can notably be used to read value in any point of the map.