Stay Green

These analytics provide an automatic assessment of the ability of the crop to remain as a green growing plant late in the season.

1. Inputs and parameters

Stay green from orthomosaic:

  • RGB orthomosaic*
  • Microplots*

Stay green from reflectance:




  • The analytic can be used when the plant senescence is starting (ex: R5/R6 for corn)

2. Deliverables

Stay green from orthomosaic:

  • Stay green %.gejson
  • Stay green mask.tif

Stay green from reflectance:

  • Stay green %.gejson
  • Stay green mask.tif

3. Attributes

Stay green % Geojson output for microplots.

  • Attributes from the input vector file (parent_id, block_plot_id,… if the vector is from Aether)
  • stay_green: Stay green % per microplot

Stay green % Geojson output for field:

  • id: Id of the grid cell
  • id_x: column number
  • id_y: row number
  • stay_green: Stay green % per microplot

4. Workflow

  • Select the RGB Map and depending on the project, select the microplot vector or the filed boundaries.
  • Enter the grid size (field only). We recommend a grid of at least 1m
  • Launch

5. How to use the outputs

Open Inventory then Stay green subgroups of layers belonging to the "SURVEY DATA" section on the left panel. Stay green % per microplot is displayed under the Stay green % layer, click it to open its information panel on the right side to read the value chart:

Stay green mask is under the same layer subgroup; "Value at point" can notably be used to read the value at any point of the map.