Asset Viewer Introduction

Learn about basis of asset viewer module and the information it provides.

1. Description

Objective: The asset viewer module is dedicated to asset data exploration and analysis. In other world, it is a business intelligence tool aiming to explore, and analyze asset properties from 2D and 3D layers.

Scope: Today the Asset Viewer focuses on the Vegetation Management use case.

Moreover, the concepts of the module are generic and can be adapted to other use cases in the future.

2. Prerequisites

A specific user role is required to access the module.

The module should be configured for your domain.

3. General Overview

To access the Asset Viewer module, click on the Asset Viewer button on the left panel.

The Asset Viewer contains several components:

(1) Configuration: Allow to select a specific Asset Viewer Configuration

(2) A navigation bar, to search an address, coordinates, or a specific asset location

(3) A layer panel to open/close 2D/3D layers

(4) A map view that will display the different maps

(5) Map tools buttons

(6) MY STUDY panel allows users to create and export studies, visualize the legends and asset properties.