Data Acquisition- Introduction

1. Description

The Data Acquisition Module allows users to manage visual Data Acquisition operations in Aether to ensure acquisitions are made in due time and to monitor and validate surveys efficiently. 

2. Access the Data Acquisition Module

If the Data Acquisition Module is activated for your Company, you will be able to access it on the left menu while being in the Project Dashboard.

There are two main sections in this module:

  1. Resources: to set up the fleet-related information (team members (UAV pilots), available sensors, and carriers).
  2. Task Manager: this is the planning environment, to edit and monitor all data collection activities. It has two types of view, the Tracking View and a Calendar View.

3. Managing my operational resources

To access the Resources menu, click on “Resources” from the Data Acquisition main page.

To manage your resources as efficiently as possible, we recommend following this workflow: 

  1. Create sensor models‍ and add sensors to the company.
  2. Create carrier models‍ ‍and add carriers to the company.
  3. Create a pilot team.
  4. Create a pilot member‍.

4. Managing my Data Acquisition tasks

Once the resources are created, start creating and managing Data Acquisition tasks‍.

Tasks can be created in two different ways: 

  • From the Data Acquisition Module directly.
  • From the task generator of the Season Planner Module (please see dedicated documentation).


- If the Season Planner is used to process and analyze the collected data, the task needs to be generated from the Season Planner only. 

- Teams, pilots, carriers, and sensors need to be created even if the task was generated from the Season Planner.