Safety and High Walls Analytics

This analytic enables to automatically calculate and visualize the quarry or the mine safety features, such as highwalls, safety blocks and berm conditions. It allows checking if the characteristics of the site are within the safety standards of the company and country.

1. Deliverables

The following items are generated from the Safety and High Wall Analytic:

  • High wall heights, crests, toes
  • Safety block heights
  • Safety berm heights, crests, toes

2. How to run Safety & High walls Analytic

Go to Analytics section from the left panel within an opened Alteia Site.
Select and run the Safety analytic.

3. Viewing results

Open the Layer Panel‍ on the left side of your Site, go to the Safety & high walls folder under SURVEY DATA, and select the layers to display on map

Berms toe & crest.

Safety Blocks will display in different colors (red or green) based on the tire of the biggest circulating engine on site. In the following example, the red dots are safety blocks that are not respecting the safety height (Block height = Radius of the biggest wheel). This can be defined in the Site Settings. It will allow the safety departments to take the necessary actions concerning the safety blocks or berms.

Similar concept with the quarry face or mine high walls.

Clicking on the concerned layer will open the information panel on the right. By clicking "Show custom properties", there will be displayed relevant information related to that layer