Power Lines Conductors Vectorization

1. Description

This analytic provides a 3D geo-referenced vector file for power lines conductors. Each phase of the line is represented by a vector.

The analytic works on point clouds classified as "conductors" and provides a 3D georeferenced vector file as the output.

2. Inputs

A classified point cloud‍ is required for using this tool. 

3. Workflow

Viewing vectorized conductors

Select the 3D view button in your site main window.

Then from Layers panel, select the "Line model" to switch on the 3D file for conductors.


The 3D line model is delivered in a .las format. You can find this file in the "Downloads" tab.

You view the vector with different attributes (i.e. classification, elevation, intensity, or rgba), select between the different options on the "Properties" tab.