Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection analytic enables an inventory of vehicles in an area of interest, from an aerial survey. This can notably be used for counts but also to detect the presence of vehicles in an unauthorized zone.

This analytic runs an automated detection and classification of land vehicles from a RGB dataset, using artificial intelligence algorithms.

1. Available Classes

Seven different classes of vehicles can be recognized :

  1. Excavator
  2. Car
  3. Construction Truck
  4. Van
  5. Truck
  6. Construction Machinery
  7. Tractor

2. Run a Detection

The analytic is launched from the Analytics side panel:

3. Display

Open the Object Detection group from the Survey Data section of your layer panel, and tick the Vehicle Detection layer. Clicking any of tagged vehicle in the 2D view will show the class it belongs to in the information panel:

4. Export

A geojson vector file is issued for the 7 classes.

Select the "Vehicle_detection.json" file from the Downloads section:
The .json file contains the coordinates of each detection in each vehicle class :

"properties": {
 "class": "car"
 "type": "Feature",
 "id": "xxx.xxxxxx--xx.xxxxxx-xxx.xxxxxx--xx.xxxxxx",
 "geometry": {
 "type": "Polygon",
 "coordinates": [