Photogrammetry Process Launching

The photogrammetry process is accessible from the home page of the selected Site, by opening the Analytics Catalog from the navigation sidebar.

When clicking on the LAUNCH button, the processing options menu will be displayed with five sections

  1. Outputs : will be defined by default, depending on the type of sensor used to capture de photos (RGB, multispectral, thermal sensors).
  2. Photogrammetry settings : if you have any doubt about the Self-service and Advanced execution or about the Recommended and Custom Settings, please refer yourself to the section 5 and 6 of the pagePhotogrammetry Engines and Options”. ‍ 
  3. Photogrammetry CRS : will be defined by default according to the Site CRS.
  4. Processing area : It is recommended to define a processing area by drawing a precise polygon around the area of interest that excludes areas with low image overlap
  5. GCP : If you have placed and measured GCPs before the flight, click on the “GCP” button and drag and drop your GCP file.


    For the GCP file

    The file should be in .CSV or .TXT format, no header row and only delimited with a comma. The file must contains the following columns in this order:

    1. name/reference of the GCP
    2. X coordinate
    3. Y coordinate
    4. Z value
    5. X accuracy (optional)
    6. Y accuracy (optional)

    If your Site has already a GCP file, you need to download it and reloaded again for each new survey.

    For more detailed information about the GCPs file, upload and tagging please read the dedicated article here‍.