Data Capture - Offline Version

1. Description

An offline version of the Data Capture module is available for data quality check and field report completion.

2. Installation

Download the software here for Windows (version : June 13th 2023).

Download the software here for Linux (version : June 13th 2023).



If the download link is not working, please contact the support team at

For Windows users, please unzip the folder and open the file “YYYYYYYY-Alteia+Desktop+Setup+X.YY.Z.exe”.

For Linux users, please unzip the folder and open the file “YYYYYYYY-alteia-desktop_X.YY.Z_amd64.deb”.



  • If you already have a previous version of the Data Capture offline software and wish to install a new version of this module, please uninstall the old version on your device first.
  • The first launch can take several minutes (depending on internet connection speed) because some elements have to be downloaded. Please wait until the application window has opened.
  • If there are issues during the first launch, please uninstall the application with its uninstaller. Then, re-install Data Capture Offline, and for the first launch, drag and drop the Alteia logo on a terminal. This will give the status of the launch.

3. Setting the remote API (online)

  • Choose which domain to connect to. Click on Settings, Remote API, and enter the corresponding URL.


The URL is the same URL as the one displayed in your browser (Google Chrome…)

  • Once the URL is set, log in using your platform credentials and select your company. Then, click on the Data Capture button on the left side Bar.

  • The Data Capture module opens and should look like the web version except for the sync button at the right of the view selector.

4. Offline Mode

  • Before going to the offline mode, click on this sync button and then click on remote data synchronization.

  • Now that all the data are synchronized, go to the offline mode by clicking on "Settings" and "Offline mode".

5. Offline mode features

Here is a list of the offline mode capabilities:

  • Data Capture is the only available module in offline mode.
  • Tasks can only be consulted and no task creation or deletion is possible.
  • Field reports can be added or modified and synchronized with the online data
  • Quality checks can be done at any moment while being in offline mode.

5.1 Quality check

  • To launch an offline quality check with a local dataset, please open the task details by double-clicking on the task or by clicking on the three dots and "details". Finally, click on "CHECK DATA QUALITY".

  • Performing quality checks on data is possible in the same way as with online mode.

5.2 Field report

To access the field report in offline mode, please open the task details by double-clicking on the task or by clicking on the three dots and "details". Finally, click on "ADD".

Complete the Field Report the same way as online.

If the Field report has been completed or modified, here are a few steps to synchronize the modifications to the online data:

  • Go back to the online mode ("Settings" > Unclick offline mode), then go back on the Data Capture module and click on the synchronize button "LOCAL DATA".

  • The online field report should now match the offline field report.