Contact Support

1. Description

Contact Alteia's support team via the Support Portal.

The Alteia support portal can be accessed directly within the Alteia platform.

2. Get access to the support portal

Click on the "?" button on the top right menu and select "Contact Support".

You will be directed to the Alteia Support Portal where you can create a new login and password. The Alteia Support Portal requires new login credentials because it is a separate portal.


3. Alteia Support Portal

3.1 Create an account

Step 1 - Click on "Need an account? Sign up".


Step 2 - An email was will be sent to your email address, open the email and click on "Sign up" to finalize the subscription.

(Example of email for subscription)

Step 3 - Fill in your full name, choose a password, and click on "Sign up".

3.2 Contact Support

Step 1 - Click on Alteia Support Portal, then choose to report an issue or to suggest a new feature/improvement.



Step 2 - If you are facing an issue or found a bug within the Alteia platform, please select “Facing issues with Alteia ?”. Then select Technical Support and fill in the required fields.

Step 3 - If you don't want to share your submission with colleagues within your organization, kindly select "Share with No One" in the last field before submission. 

If you want, on the contrary, share your submission, select the name of your organization, and submitted tickets will be accessed by other members of your company.

Step 4 - To check on your submitted tickets, click on "Requests" in the top right corner.

Step 5 - The list of requester-submitted tickets will be displayed as seen below:

Step 6 - Click on the ticket to interact with the support to add comments or add colleagues to the ticket by clicking "+Share".