Data Acquisition - Task Management: Upload your Data

1. Description

Data can be uploaded through the Data Acquisition for each task. 

2. Details

Step 1 - Click on the desired task or click on the three dots menu of the task and click on "Details".

Step 2 - This will open the "Details" view of the tasks. All information concerning the task is displayed in this view.

  • On the left, there is the task progress status, and in the central section the task details (Properties, Location, Date,...)
  • On the top of the central section, is the section for adding the field report and uploading the dataset.
  • In the "DATASETS" section, mandatory datasets have an asterisk as a suffix.

3. Field report

The field report allows the pilot to add infield information related to the mission.

Step 1 - Click on the "ADD" button to fill in the field report.

Step 2 - The field report form is displayed.

Step 3 - The following information can be added:

  • Date of the mission: mandatory for validating the field report
  • Team and Pilot
  • Weather Conditions
  • Carrier and sensor
  • Flight Parameters (Altitude, Flight Speed, Flight duration)
  • Overlap
  • Comment if need
  • If the task is created from the Season Planner, the crop growth stage can also be indicated.


Indicating the final date of the Data Acquisition mission is mandatory to complete the task in the Data Acquisition Module

Step 4 - Click on "SUBMIT FIELD REPORT" to finish. 

Step 5 - The button "ADD" should have changed to "VIEW OR EDIT", and the "complete" tag is also available.

4. Upload your visual data

Step 1 - Once the desired Task (task in "Scheduled" status) is selected, click on "UPLOAD DATA" to upload visual data from a mission.



Click on "UPLOAD MORE DATA" for an upload in "Data captured" or "Data submitted" status.

Step 2 - The following window will be displayed and there are 3 different options to submit your data.

  • (1) UPLOAD RAW IMAGES: upload raw images from data acquisition (for example drone images)
  • (2) SEARCH ON ALTEIA: use images already stored in Alteia.
  • (3) SUBMIT PROCESSED DATA: upload externally processed data (from an external software) or processed data stored in Alteia.


In the project details, the message "The project has been deleted" in place of the project name can have two meanings: 

  • The project has been deleted from the Data Studio module
  • The user doesn't have sufficient rights to access this project

4.1 Upload raw images

4.1.1 Upload

Step 1 - Click on "UPLOAD RAW IMAGES" to select raw images from your computer or other sources. 

Step 2 - Browse your computer to find the images you wish to upload.

Step 3 - Change the name of the survey if necessary.



When creating a survey from a mission generated by the Season planner module, the proposed default survey name is “mission name - sensor type [SPL] [CT]”. When creating a survey from a task generated in the Data Acquisition module directly, the proposed default survey name is “mission name [CT]”.

Step 4 - Delete, add images, or add the metadata file if necessary.

4.1.2 Quality check

While uploading raw images, get access to quality checks. The list of criteria is available here: Data Acquisition - Raw Images Quality Check‍. 

Quality check criteria can have 4 statuses:

  • Valid: The criteria passes the quality check for this data set
  • Warning: There is a warning for the criteria for this data set
  • ❌ Error: There is an important error in the criteria for this data set
  • Criteria not available for this data set.

4.1.3 Photogrammetry

Please have a look at the Photogrammetry recommendations



For multispectral data and if GCPs have been measured on the project, the upload has to be launched without photogrammetry. The photogrammetry has to be launched in a separate step (unselect the "ORDER PHOTOGRAMMETRY" button while uploading images)

4.2 Search on Alteia

Step 1 - Click on "SEARCH ON ALTEIA" to use existing raw data saved in the platform.

Step 2 - Select a survey and click on "NEXT".

Step 3 - The quality check panel is displayed (see paragraph 4.1.2), click on "OK".

4.3 Submit processed data

  • Select an existing survey or click on "+" to create a new one and click on "SAVE" to link data already processed with Aether or to upload other processed data.
  • Upload the processed data or search the data within the survey (see the second red rectangle below).


Survey name

When creating a survey from a task generated in the Data Acquisition directly, the proposed default survey name is "mission name [CT]".

When creating a survey from a mission generated by the Season planner, the proposed default survey name is "mission name - sensor type [SPL] [CT]". And 


Upload of Point Cloud file

When point cloud files are uploaded through Data Acquisition, it triggers its footprint calculation, which allows the point cloud coverage to be compared to the mission area.

5. View point cloud coverage

For tasks that have point cloud files uploaded directly into the task, the point cloud footprint is automatically generated.

Once the upload is complete, a new button is available to view the point cloud coverage and the mission area associated with the task.

Click on "View Coverage"

The task coverage is then displayed:

The mission area is displayed in green and the point cloud coverage in white.



The CRS of the point cloud file must be defined during the upload step in order to visualize its footprint.

6. Results

  • Once the data is uploaded (and completed if any) or once the data is linked to the Data Acquisition task, the tag "Available" is displayed next to the name of the input.

  • Learn how to validate tasks here‍.