Solar Plant Thermal Inspection

This analytic serves for the successive steps of :

  1. Automatic photovoltaic array boundary detection (array vectorization)
  2. Automat hot spot detection within these arrays, assessing for abnormal conditions (high temperature) from an automatically-computed threshold.

1. Required Input

A thermal map must first have been processed or imported into Aether, for the algorithms to be run.

2. Viewing Vectorized Arrays

From a 2D View, enable the Layer that contains the vectorized arrays. In the example below, the Digitized Arrays layer will display them as white rectangles overlaid by the Thermal Map layer.

3. Viewing Detected Hot Spots

From a 2D view, enable the layer that contains the hot spot detections:

4. Deliverables

Go to the Downloads section to export digitized arrays and automatic hot spot detections:

A unique geo-referenced layer for each plant is provided in geojson format:

Hot Spots detections are provided in geojson format as well: