Insight - Introduction

Learn about basis of asset viewer module and the information it provides.

1. Description


Insight is a module that enables simple navigation and exploration through complex object relations on an integrated user interface. You can navigate flexibly within and between 2D and 3D objects. In this way, Insight is a business intelligence module providing you with additional support and insights as you carry out your work.


You have made all the necessary configuration settings to use the module. For more integration information, please contact us.

2. General Overview

Click on the "Insight" button on the left panel.

Insight contains several components:

(1) Configuration: Allow to select a specific Insight Configuration

(2) A navigation bar, to search an address, coordinates, or a specific asset location

(3) A layer panel to open/close 2D/3D layers

(4) A map view that will display the different maps

(5) Map tools buttons

(6) MY STUDY panel allows users to create and export studies, visualize the legends and asset properties.

3. Roles

Users need to have a custom role assigned, to access and use this module

See Account and User Roles Management‍ ‍for more information about how to manage the roles (1) of the users and their asset scope (2).

4. Inputs

Insight module accepts all data managed by Aether and enhances supported data like 2D vector files, rasters, and point clouds.