Data Management - Dataset Dashboard

1. Description

Discover how to use the Data Management Dashboard.

The dashboard enables users to explore and access Aether data at different levels, such as company and project.

2. Dataset dashboard

The dashboard provides a synthetic view of datasets. By default, the latest datasets are displayed.

3. Search

The "Search" function is based on the data set name and enables users to a find dataset quickly. The search can be done through the search field at the top right of the dataset list.

4. Sort

The "Sort" function allows users to sort datasets by last or first "creation date".

5. Filter

Use the different options available in the menu to filter the dashboard content.

Images are not displayed by default. To view them, they must be selected as a type in the filters.

6. Dataset detail

To access the dataset details, click on the dataset menu then Details or directly by clicking on the dataset line.

The detail panel provides general information on the dataset and its components

6.1 Dataset Information

The list of info displayed is as follows:

  • Ingestion status
  • Company / Project / Survey of the selected dataset
  • Type of dataset: PCL, Vector, Image, Mesh, Raster
  • Size of dataset
  • Creation date and creator
  • CRS horizontal and vertical
  • Dataset ID

6.2 Data set components

A data set can contain one or several components. Each of them can be downloaded separately.

7. Rename a dataset

Users can rename the dataset by double clicking on the dataset name or from the 3 dots menu and “Rename”.

8. Delete

Users can delete the dataset from the menu by clicking "Delete" in the 3 dots menu of the dataset.