Emergence Characterization for Field

1. Description

This analytics automatically calculates the percentage of green (or leaves) to characterize seedling vigor - suitable for early-stage crops. It is

available for crops planted in rows, where bare soil is visible between the rows.

2. Inputs


3. Workflow

Step 1 - In the layers tab, expend "Inventory" (2) and "Emergence Characterization" (3) subgroups of layers belonging to "SURVEY DATA" (1).

Step 2 - Emergence % per microplot is displayed under the Emergence ratio layer, click it to open its information panel on the right side to read the value chart.

Step 3 - The Emergence mask belongs to the same layers subgroup.

4. Results

As mentioned above, there is only one Emergence Characterization analytics for the trial and production field, so the output is also the same.

Emergence mask.tif



The “Emergence ratio” vector file has the following attribute:

  • Attributes of the Plant count vector
  • Emergence: Emergence % per microplot

*Can also be exported in another file format, see Download and Export Data‍  for more information.

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