Season Planner - Introduction

1. Description

The Season Planner module collaborates with the Data Capture module, as detailed in the dedicated documentation (see Data Acquisition- Introduction‍)

The joint functionality of these modules significantly simplifies the field trial assessments in agriculture research and development. This includes defining the parameters to monitor, determining the methodology for acquiring those parameters, planning the flight path, and extracting the relevant data.

2. Prerequisites

To utilize the Season Planner module, the following prerequisites are required:

  • Access to the Aether.
  • Access to a company with the Season Planner module activated.
  • Depending on the Role attributed to the User, certain functionalities may not be accessible. For assistance with role management, please contact your Domain Manager or Alteia Support.

3. Key Terms in the Season Planner Module

Company: The term "Company" may have different definitions depending on the license. For an Enterprise License, a company generally refers to a Research Site, while for other licenses, it refers to the client company itself.

Aether Site (also called project): Geographical area within a Company that can contain one or several fields (not to be confused with a Research Site).

Field: Geographical area where one or multiple Trials can be conducted. The field can be equal to an Aether Site.

Trial: Portion of a Field where the experiment is conducted.

Assessment Parameters Variable (APV): Custom name of the Variable (attribute) that is measured to assess a trait or plant response of an experiment. The APV will appear in the report generated by the Season Planner and is linked to the analytic deliverable (attributes). 

Estimation Methods (EM): Defines the way the Assessment Parameter Variables are evaluated (What device, sensor, algorithm, and analysis were used on which crop and growth stages).

Mission: An assignment is given to the pilot to collect and upload data (drone images...).

Crops and Crops Growth stages: Crops and crops growth stage of the Trial.

4. Season Planner Main View

The Season Planner's main view is called the Trial Dashboard. In this view, all the trials are displayed and can be managed.

This page allows users to navigate through trials, search for specific trials using the search bar located in the top right corner, and apply filters to trials using the filter button on the left side of the screen.

Above the search bar, there are multiple buttons such as:

  • Generate Capture Task: allows to generate tasks for the Data Capture Module once the trial is configured.
  • New trial: create a new trial.
  • New Mission: allows to creation of a mission on multiple trials.
  • Add Plots: allows to upload of a Microplot vector file and dispatch of the microplots on multiple trials.
  • Add DTM: allows to add DTM on multiple trials.
  • Three dots menu (...): allow more actions such as removing all the generated tasks, managing fields, crops, Growth stage, APV (Assessment Parameter Variables), and EM (Estimation methods).