Alteia Glossary

This is a auto-generated Article of all your definitions within the glossary.


This is a auto-generated Article of all your definitions within the glossary.

  • Accuracy

    Accuracy is the degree to which the result of a measure conforms to the correct value or standard. It can be absolute or relative, (cf. Alteia Platform Terminology article).

  • Action

    Interaction between the user and the platform

  • Aether

    A comprehensive set of tools for rapidly aggregating, contextualizing, visualizing, and analyzing vision data, and deploying vision AI applications.

  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence

  • API

    Application Programming Interface

  • Application

    A consistent set of features packaged in a specific way, addressing a specific type of customer and a specific use case. An application can leverage one or several modules that are configured to a specific usage. From a sales perspective, an application is the first step to vision AI enablement, before a full platform deployment - as the deployment costs are much lower.

  • BIM

    Building Information Modeling

  • CAD

    Computer-Aided Design

  • CSV

    Comma-Separated Values

  • DSM

    Digital Surface Model

  • DTM

    Digital Terrain Model

  • GeoJSON

    GeoJSON is an open standard geospatial data interchange format that represents simple geographic features and their nonspatial attributes

  • GSD

    Ground Sample Distance

  • JSON

    JavaScript Object Notation

  • KML

    Keyhole Markup Language

  • ML

    Machine Learning

  • ML Model

    A ML model is an algorithm that has been trained on a specific set of data to define its internal parameters in order to recognize certain types of patterns or objects and make predictions/decisions from a new dataset.

  • Orthomosaic

    An orthophotomosaic is a raster image made by merging aerial photograph geometrically corrected

  • PCI

    Plan Cadastre Informatisé (Computerized Cadastral Plan)

  • Photogrammetry

    The art and science of extracting 2D/3D information from photographs

  • PPK

    Post Processed Kinematic

  • Prediction

    Output generated and shared with a specific group of users

  • RGB

    Red Green Blue

  • RTK

    Real Time Kinematic

  • Scenario

    Specific sequence of actions defined by inputs and parameters used to test or highlight a product feature

  • SDK

    Software Development Kit

  • Shapefile

    Shapefile format is a geospatial vector data format for geographic information system (GIS) software

  • SRTM

    Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

  • SSO

    Single Sign-On

  • UI

    User Interface

  • User

    A profile with a specific role allowing to use a functional scope (set of features and modules) on specific datasets

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