Notification Center

1. Description

After processing or uploading data in the Alteia platform, you can few notifications related to your processing or uploading task in a couple of ways:

  • Notification by email: to receive email notifications, configure your notification settings in your profile
  • Notification in the Alteia interface

2. Notifications in the Alteia interface

The notifications are accessible in the top right corner by clicking on the "bell" icon. 

There are several types of notifications: 

  • Notifications to indicate that a dataset upload is available or failed (images, files...) 
  • Notifications to indicate that a process output is available or failed (photogrammetry, analytics, report... etc)

For each notification, the following information is available:

  • A description of the type of notification (eg: "Your file is available") 
  • The name of the Site / The folder name (Asset Inspector module only)
  • The name of the file (for some types of files only)
  • The date of the notification

Interact with your notifications:

  • Click on a notification to mark it as read
  • For certain notifications, a file can be downloaded from the notification directly (the notification is then marked as read)
  • Asset Inspector Module only: Reports redirect to the report section in the corresponding zone and there isn't any redirection for folder & inspection tasks export.