Aether Desktop

1. Description

Find all the Aether web platform and modules in a desktop version

2. Installation

Download the software here for Windows (version: March 5th, 2024).

Download the software here for Linux (version: March 5th, 2024).


If the download link is not working, please Contact Support.


For Windows users, please unzip the folder and open the file “YYYYYYYY-Alteia+Desktop+Setup+X.YY.Z.exe”.

For Linux users, please unzip the folder and open the file “YYYYYYYY-alteia-desktop_X.YY.Z_amd64.deb”.


  • If you already have a previous version of Aether Desktop and wish to install a new version of this module, please uninstall the old version on your device first.
  • The first launch can take several minutes (depending on internet connection speed) because some elements have to be downloaded. Please wait until the application window has opened.
  • If there are issues during the first launch, please uninstall the application with its uninstaller. Then, re-install  Aether Desktop, and for the first launch, drag and drop the Alteia logo on a terminal. This will give the status of the launch.

2. Version

Check that the version installed is the last available version, click on "Help" and "About" and compare with the downloaded file.

4. Setting the remote API (online)

  • Choose which domain to connect to. Click on “Settings”, “Remote API”, and enter the corresponding URL.


If necessary use the “FORGOT PASSWORD” button.


5. Navigation

The desktop version offers everything the web version has. Refer to the Navigation article if it's your first time using Aether.

6. Developer tools

Use CTRL+MAJ+i or click on “Help” and “Toggle Developer Tools” to display them.

7. Offline mode

For the “Offline mode”, refer to Data Acquisition - Offline Version for more information and access.