Operations - Introduction

Gain Operation management knowledge overview and understand how to grant, manage and revoke access to this module

1. Introduction

The Operations module aims at performing the scoping activity. The module enables the preparation of operations that will be planned and assigned to subcontractors through an external system. Thanks to a dedicated integration this system is able to retrieve the operations prepared on GE_VI periodically.

2. Key concepts

  • Work Orders: A Work Order is a group of operations that refer to a complete portion of the line.
  • Operations: Refers to a trimming operations that are executed for each work zone
  • A Work Zone: Aims to delimit a zone with identified risk due to vegetation, named encroachment zones. It is a 60ft length box that is designed to plan and assign maintenance plans to operational teams

The Operations module mainly consists of:

  • A dashboard that references existing Work Orders
  • A Work Order creation page to select assets and related operations
    • When the work is created, a quality check stage that reuses similar pages and mechanisms to the creation

3. Roles

Users need to have at least a role Operations Full access role on a configured domain to access and use this module

In complement Full access to Insight module can be done to better explore the work order and operations status

See Account and User Roles Management ‍for more information about how to manage the roles (1) of the users and their asset scope (2).

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