Duplicate Vector Layer

1. Description

The Duplicate Vector Layer analytic allows you to make a copy of a vector layer. 

2. Inputs

Ensure a vector file is available in the Alteia Platform. 

This file can be extracted from an analysis initially generated in the platform, created with the Microplot Designer tool, or created with external software and uploaded in Alteia.

WARNING: The layer that will be copied is the one on the map view and not the "master" file visible in the download section.

map view

3. Workflow

Step 1 - Open the analytic panel on the left menu and select the "Duplicate Vector Layer" tool (General Purpose section), click on "LAUNCH".

Step 2 - Select the file to copy. The file can be attached to the project or survey, click on "NEXT STEP".

Step 3 - Optional: type the new name of the vector layer. By default, the file name is a Copy of the initial file name.


Step 5 - Click on "FINISH".

4. Results

After the processing, the file will be available in the map view.

5. Deliverables

The duplicated microplots file can be downloaded:

  • View the duplicated file in the download menu (does not take into account any positioning changes applied).

  • From the microplots information panel (takes into account any positioning changes applied).

Step 1 - Click on the file name.

Step 2 - Click on the 3 dots on the right panel.

Step 3 - Click on "Download as" and select the desired format.