LiDAR Project Creation

1. Description

 Aether makes it easy to manage your LiDAR point cloud data. Let's take a look at how to create a LiDAR project from scratch.

2. Inputs

Required Inputs
Vector files Area/corridor of the LiDAR project. See Manual File Upload‍ ‍ about vector files supported.
Point cloud file  .las format

3. Workflow

3.1 Site Creation

Step 1 - Select "CREATE A SITE" in the top-right corner of the home page.

Step 2 - Fill in the information about the new site (see Site Creation).‍ 



If you manage more than one company‍ ‍, select the one in which you wish to create the new site, define a site name, flag the checkbox if you want to make the site accessible to all users, and define a site CRS (this step can also be defined later on).

Step 3 - Select "CREATE SITE".

Step 4 - Select "UPLOAD FILES".

Step 5 - Upload a vector file.



The file you choose should be a vector file showing the area/corridor in which you want to focus for your LiDAR project (for example, a .kml file.).

Step 6 - Make sure to select the radio button for "All surveys of this site". Then, click on "NEXT".

Step 7 - Fill in the information required. Then click on "UPLOAD"

Information required:

Step 8 - Once the upload is complete, the file is visible in the download section.

Step 9 - The same file also becomes visible in the layers section.

Step 10 - To check that it's visible in the site list, exit the site and search for it in the search bar.

3.2 LiDAR Survey Creation

Open the site and proceed with the upload of the LiDAR point cloud.

Step 1 - Select, "Upload files" from the top right-hand side of the screen.

Step 2 - A new "Upload a file" window opens. Select "A new survey" under "Attach a file to".

Step 3 - Fill in the information:

  • Date of the survey
  • Name the survey

Step 4 - Drag and drop or browse for the point cloud file (.las) in the upload area. Then, Click on "NEXT". 

Step 5 - Fill in the file information and click on "UPLOAD".

  • In the "Dataset properties" section:
    • Name
    • Type ("Point Cloud"). 
    • Category (can be left empty)
  • Select the correct CRS



A warning appears, asking to confirm the upload, and indicating that you cannot close the browser tab before the completion of the upload.

Step 6 - When you're ready to proceed, select "Confirm". 

Step 7 - To view the upload progress, select the cloud icon from the top right-hand side of the screen. The duration of this step depends on the size of the point cloud and depends on your Internet connection.

Step 8 - Once complete, a notification will appear.

Step 9 - Once all the files are uploaded, refresh the web page by selecting the site from the home menu.

Step 10 - Select the 3D view from the layers panel to browse your LiDAR survey.