Modify Attributes and Individual Values of a Vector

1. Description

With Aether, it's possible to add and modify attributes and individual values of a vector.



When editing, the values are automatically saved and it is not possible to return to the previous status.

Current limitation: creating an attribute that contains the same name and type as an attribute previously deleted in this vector, the newly created attribute will contain the values/information of the initial attribute. It's recommended to choose a different name.

2. Adding new attributes to a vector file

Step 1 - From the map view, click on the name of the vector in order to display the info panel on the right. Click on the three dots and then "Manage attributes".

Step 2 - On the next window, click on "ADD ATTRIBUTE".

Step 3 - Define a name for the attribute and the type of attributes (string, float, or integer), and then click on the ✓ icon.


Type of attributes definition

String: it's a sequence of characters, meaning a set of characters that form a text. For example, "Hello", "cat", and "123" are strings of characters.

Float: it's a floating-point number, meaning a number that can have decimals and fractions. For example, 1.5, 2.75, 3.1416, 0.5, etc. are floating-point numbers.

Integer: it's a whole number, meaning a number without decimals or fractions. For example, 1, 2, 3, 100, etc. are whole numbers.

Step 4 - The new attributes now appear on the list.

3. Adding individual value to an attribute of a vector file

Step 1 - Click on the "Attributes edition module" button (pencil icon) next to the layer's name.

Step 2 - Optional: Add filters if you want to add values from defined filters.

See the following article for more information about the filtering capabilities: Filter tools for vector files.

Step 3 - Click on the edit button.



In edition mode, the edit button is displayed in blue.

Step 4 - Click on the polygon you want to edit the values. The edition panel on the right is now open.

Step 5 - To Edit the values of the attributes of interest:

  • Click on the arrows on the top right of the screen to switch from one polygon to another. 
  • The navigation is done within the selected polygons if a filter is activated.
  • For example, add value in the attribute "demo" added in paragraph 2. 

  • The edited polygons automatically get a red contour.



Keyboard shortcuts to facilitate the editing of individual attributes:

- Click Enter, to validate your entry

- Use the arrow keys to move to the next polygon (in this case, microplot) → The previously edited attribute will be selected by default for direct editing

- Use the tab key to move to the following attribute of the list

The map will center automatically according to the position of the feature (in this case microplot) you are editing

Step 6 - Once the edition is done, click on the edit button to leave the edition mode.

To learn more: Vector Layers Styling‍