Row Vectorization

This analytic automatically identifies rows within fields in order to assist with field counting or help guide farming equipment. It detects, digitizes and measures rows.

1. Inputs

This analytic is available for crops planted in row and where bare soil is visible in between the rows.

Row vectorization for trial field :

  • Microplots *
  • Basic scouting map (NDVI selected by default)*
  • Deliverables suffix

Row vectorization for production field :


2. Deliverables

Row vectorization for trial field :

  • Rows + suffix.geojson

Row vectorization for production field :

  • Rows + suffix.geojson

The deliverables can be exported in another file extension with the export functionality

Learn more: Exporting Data‍ 

3. Attributes

Rows digitization with the following attributes:

Row vectorization for trial field and production field:

  • parent_id: unique id of a group of microplot.
  • block_plot_id: 6 figure number composed by block_row_id and block_col_id
  • row_id: id of the row
  • row_length: Length of the row in meter
  • row_anomaly: text that indicate an anomaly during the vectorization

4. Workflow

Step 1: Select the vegetation indice that will be used to process the row vectorization (by default : NDVI is selected).
    Note: for RGB data sets, select the VARI indice (That must be already generated)

Step 2: Select the vector file* that will be used as a basis for row vectorization

Step 3: Select the row spacing number. This value has to be consistent in all the field

Step 4: Launch row vectorization


*For Production field projects, field boundaries needs to be a vector file. You can obtain this vector in drawing an annotation which represents the field boundaries and convert it into a vector thanks to its information panel.

Learn more: How to create a Field Boundaries‍ 

5. Display

Open Contours in the SURVEY DATA section on left panel and then display the rows. Click any row on map to open its information panel on right side. Clicking the custom properties will also show the row length, field id, row id...

These info can be downloaded in multiple format.

Learn more: Exporting Data‍