Vector Attribute Addition

1. Description

There are two ways to add attributes (from a CSV file) to a vector file in bulk:

  • The "Vector attribute addition" tool is available in the analytics panel.
  • The "Join attributes" tool is available in the map view.

Either tool will allow you to upload custom attributes or any information linked to your vector features (polygons).



If you want to modify the vector attributes and values manually in the map view, see the following article: Modify Attributes and Individual Values of a Vector.‍ 

2. Inputs

  • A vector file you would like to join the attributes to. The vector can be created in Aether (with the Microplot Designer tool for example), or created with external software and uploaded in Aether.
  • A CSV file with the attributes to join


  • The vector file and the CSV file must contain a common key ID
  • The CSV file must contain unique IDs for each feature
  • The CSV file must be separated by a comma (“,”) and not a semicolon (“;”)
  • When using the "Join attributes" tool in the analytic panel, polygon features will not be duplicated that do not contain values in the CSV file. To keep these polygons features in the vector file after the attribute join is complete, please add the mention “NA” in the CSV file where there are no values.

3. Vector Attribute Addition tool (from the Analytics Panel)

Step 1 - Upload the input files using the “upload files” feature. When uploading the CSV file, please select “File” in Type and “None” in Category. See Manual File Upload.‍ 

Step 2 - Open the Analytic Catalog, in the “TRANSFORMATION TOOL” section, select the “Vector attribute addition” and click on "LAUNCH".

Step 3 - Select the vector file and the CSV file and click on "NEXT STEP".

Step 4 - Select the vector key ID and CSV key ID and add a suffix to the new file (optional), then click on "LAUNCH VECTOR ATTRIBUTE ADDITION".

  • If the suffix is indicated: the initial vector name + the suffix will be indicated in the new file.
  • If no suffix is indicated: the initial vector name will be applied to the new file.

Step 5 -  After processing, a new vector file with the attributes will be published in the map view and download section.

Click here‍ to learn more about the vector edition tools.

4. Join attributes tool (from Map View)



This tool can be used when adding attributes to less than 500 polygons within a vector file.

Step 1 - From the layers‍  panel, go to "SURVEY DATA", and "Contours", and select the Vector layer to open the info panel on the right.

Step 2 - Click on the 3 dots menu on the top right and on Join attributes.

Step 3 - Drag and drop or browse your CSV file containing the additional attributes.

Step 4 - To link the vector file and CSV file, select the column containing CSV IDs and the Vector file IDs, then click on "UPDATE".

Step 5 - After processing, the attributes and associated information inside the CSV will be added to the Microplot file:

Click here‍  to learn more about the vector edition tool.

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