Agriculture and Forestry Integrations

What are the deliverables that I can download locally and use in other softwares?

You can export all the quantitative analytics such as the plant count and the height, in vector formats or CSV. The large plantations often use

ArcGIS. Seed companies use the CSV because they work a lot with Excel or other softwares that are compatible with Excel.

You can also export all maps (NDVI, NDRE, etc.) in vector formats.

That is why the link with the “customer id attributes” in Aether deliverables is of high importance: to ease and enable their valorisation in customer business software.

Integrations to Professional Software

Alteia strategically partners with industry leaders in order to provide integrations between Alteia and business software.

We currently provide an integration to John Deere MyJohnDeere platform.

Contact us or talk with your sales representative if you need integration with other software.