Custom Composition Map

1. Description

Alteia is able to generate any kind of composition (RGB, CIR…) using hyperspectral data for example. The user is able to generate a custom composition map by typing which bands to use, using the band name.

2. Inputs

Reflectance map processed in Alteia or from external software.

3. Workflow

Step 1 - Open a Site and the appropriate Survey. Go to the Analytics Catalog, open any section Agriculture or use the search function for the analytic "Composition Map - Custom" and click on "LAUNCH".
Step 2 - Select the available Reflectance Map and click "NEXT STEP".

Step 3 - Input each band and layer output name, and click on "LAUNCH COMPOSITION MAP - CUSTOM".


IMPORTANT: Please use the band names associated with your camera, see Sensor Band Names‍ 

Step 4 - Click on "FINISH".

4. Progression & Completion status 

Check the status anytime from the analytic "LAUNCHED" tab.

A notification is sent to inform of the end of the treatment, see Notification Center.‍ 

5. Results

Open the "Layers" tab in the platform, open the "BASE LAYERS" menu, and a new layer for this custom composition map is added.

6. Deliverables

In the DOWNLOAD section, the custom composition map is available in tif file.

Click on the download icon and on "Download" to obtain the tif file.