Tree Detection

This analytics allows you to detect trees in a plantation or forest.


This analytic is part of the Advanced Tree Analysis task but you can also launch it individually if necessary.

1. Inputs and parameters

  • Plant Height
  • Field Boundaries Creation‍ 
  • Minimum tree height: plant height threshold to consider a plant as a tree
  • Minimum canopy radius: minimum crown canopy size to consider a plant as a tree
  • Maximum canopy radius (8 meters default value): maximum crown canopy radius size to consider a plant as a tree.

2. Deliverables

  • Tree crowns vector
  • Tree tops vector

3. Attributes

Tree_id: Unique tree id

Treetop_height: Tree height in meters

Tree_crown_surface: Crown surface in m²

4. Workflow

Step 1: Once in your project, you can launch the analytic “Tree detection” from the Analytic Catalog

Step 2: Complete the inputs and parameters and launch your analysis

  • Minimum tree height: 2 meters default value
  • Minimum canopy radius: 2 meters default value
  • Maximum canopy radius: 8 meters default value

5. The results

You can visualize the results by selecting the “Inventory” layer from the SURVEY DATA section on the left side menu.

  • When displaying the Tree crowns, you can choose to display the results based on specific attributes, by opening the Information Panel. You can choose between:
    • Neutral
    • Tree crown surface
    • Tree height

The map will show a color based classification and the legend, will be visible on the Information Panel

By clicking on a detected tree, the attributes of that tree will appear also in the information panel.

  • The Tree tops vector is placed under the category “Input Data”.

By clicking on a detected Tree top, the Info panel on the right will show the attributes: