Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Files Manipulation

Alteia currently supports single-layer .dxf CAD files as project and survey inputs. You can either :

  • add .dxf file to a site as an input
  • or create a new site by starting with a .dxf file

This tutorial shows how to load and view a .dxf vector layer.

Adding a .dxf file to an existing site

Step 1 - Open an existing site in Alteia, then press UPLOAD FILES from the top bar:

Step 2 - Then select where to attach the file from the available options in the dialogue box ; existing surveys are listed in drop-down list:

Step 3 - Drag-and-drop or browse to your .dxf file:

Step 4 - Press NEXT button:

Step 5 - Edit your file Name if necessary, then select a Category:

Step 6 - Edit the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) information if necessary:

Step 7 - Press the UPLOAD button then CONFIRM.

After processing for a few seconds, the new layer will be made available from the layer panel in 2D View.